Bedroom Redo for Under $100

So starting out I told myself I was just going to paint my dresser so that my room would look less like a 10 year-old’s room and be more fit for a 19 year-old. BUT then once I started painting said dresser, my creativity started flowing and I wanted to redo all of it. So, I started with reorganizing, I went through tons and tons of stuff and got rid of a little because I knew if the room was less cluttered that would automatically make it look fresher and newer. Then, I sold a few items that I knew I wouldn’t need in the new room and that I didn’t want to save for the future. That gave me a little more money to work with, so after the whole room was finished I was only down about $75 from the beginning. And I’ve linked all of the products at the bottom in case you’re looking for some affordable room items.

This is just the first post in this room design, I still have some finishing touches to put out and some pieces to hang on the walls, but still all under $100 after everything is said and done. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.39.37 AM.png

So today I’m going to share some before and after pics and what I did and where I shopped to make this bedroom redo SUPER affordable. So, like anybody, I was TOO excited to redo my room, I jumped right in and didn’t take a lot of before pictures like I would’ve liked, but I’ve two some that give you a basis of what it looked like before. But basically, it was straight out of a 2007 PBTeen magazine (and quite a mess, whoops!).

Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the other side of the room but there was a MEGA colorful dresser in front of the window, a brown floral rug, and brown curtains on the windows and on the reading nook, just to sum it up a little bit.


I ended up removing this board on the wall by one of the beds (Pictured Above), in order to put the gallery wall in which you will see in the next blog post.




Totally wish I could’ve ripped up the carpet and put down some hardwoods, but my mom would’ve quickly vetoed that idea!

Quite aware that the reading nook still needs a little more going on on the bench and such, but that’s coming soon in the next post. As well as a gallery wall I’m doing on the opposing wall!

I’ve never really layered rugs in my room before, so I was so excited when I found these two rugs that I could do it with. Both of these rugs are Anthropologie, but I got them for $15 each!!!! Like WHAT?!? That’s practically unheard of, right? Well, not when there’s a Final Cut in Augusta, GA pretty close to me. It’s an Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People outlet store that is actually the best E V E R. I’m going to be writing a blog post all about it and tips and tricks and what to expect when you go there.

My pup was just lounging during all these photos, so I decided to snap a few of her looking all cute 😉

Ignore the desk clutter… just some real life, y’all.

SO obsessed with these felt letter boards, there might just be another going up on a different wall, coming soon in my next post! Don’t worry, I’ve linked this item (and everything else!) down below for you all to easily find.


Urban Outfitters

Shams (similar)

Bedding (similar)


 Grey Bedding

Tufted Global Stripe Throw Pillow

Ombre Throw Blanket


Both Rugs (similar) 

Other links:

Wooden Monogram Board by The Painted House (linked their Facebook)

Felt Letter Board by Letter Folk 

Paint Color: North Star by Sherwin Williams


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