Total Dorm Makeover

My friend Grace moved into her dorm early, well like 3 weeks ago, but is just now getting around to decorating it and she called in reinforcements😉 This post shows more about renovating on a budget, and how this is TOTALLY do-able even in a college dorm room.


As many of you who have lived in a dorm, or been in a dorm before, know that the walls are completely blank and the place feels like a hospital room when you walk in. So we definitely knew we needed to do a lot with the walls, so we grabbed a box of tacks and got to work with some gallery walls, but first take a look at what her dorm apartment looked like before.



I mean, whatever it takes to get things hung.



Yep, we found these pallets on the side of the road, washed them off in her shower, and got to work on some FREE wall decor, that’s the best kind, right?!?

We still have to get some hooks to hang this one, but it turned out oh so cute.

So, in my last post you may have seen my LetterFolk board, but this letter board is from WALMART…. for $10! What a steal, although I can’t find it online to link it for you, but check your local Walmart store in the craft section!


A mug rack coming soon under that coffee sign…


And now for the bedroom: 

Another project we made with the pallets we found. Pinned lots of encouraging notes and prints to this board and hung it on the wall for constant joy and as a reminder to pray for all these sweet people she has in her life! Love it!

My friend is also a cross country SUPERSTAR, so we made some decor out of her bib numbers, and made this her “running wall”. Putting up something sentimental or memories that you love on your walls definitely makes a place feel more like home.

After we hung a little desk organization on the wall, we were done with this one-day dorm makeover.

After I was headed home, my friend, Grace, sent me the sweetest text: “You turned my dorm into a home a place that I actually enjoy whereas before I just wanted to leave and never be here. I can’t thank you enough!”

THIS is why I love what I do.


Where to Buy:

Gold Folder Hangers: TJMaxx

Bed and Couch Pillows: Kirklands

Blue Waffle Weave Throw Blanket: Target

Wall Decor: Kirklands or Hobby Lobby

White Letter Board: Walmart

Macrames: We bought some string at our local Walmart and picked up a stick on the side of the road and got to work!

Rug: Hobby Lobby

Curtains: Tommy Hilfiger



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